Subjects Taught
8th Grade Social Studies


 Please use the following study guide to prepare for your social studies STAAR test.

Welcome to 8th grade American History. This course covers the time period from colonization of North America to post -Civil War Reconstruction.

I firmly believe that providing our young citizens a solid foundation in the history of our country and in the United States Constitution is essential to insuring a positive future for our great nation.  In this course students will be expected to learn about historical events and understand the implication of those events on United States policies both past and present.

In May, all 8th grade students will take a STAAR test over what they have learned in this class.  Not only will they be expected to know facts about American History and government, but they will be expected to apply that knowledge through critical thinking skills.

Please use this webpage regularly as well as the links provided to study and stay abreast of what we are learning.




I have been teaching for nineteen years.  My first two years were in Victoria, Texas at Profit Academic Center - an alternative school of choice.  After marrying a local, I moved to Hondo.  I have taught at Everchange Academy and McDowell Middle School. I am currently teaching 8th grade social studies.