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Texas A&M Rural Medicine
Texas A&M Rural Medicine

Many rural communities across Texas, and some other areas of the state as well, lack adequate access to health care and face physician shortages. If you are from a part of the state without an adequate number of physicians and you've been considering a career in medicine, the Partnership for Primary Care (PPC) program may be for you.

Texas Gifted and Talented

The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented connects and empowers educators and parents to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented individuals through awareness, advocacy and action.

PreFreshman Engineering
Own Your Own Future (OYOF)
Making College A Reality: A Guide For Middle School Parents

Welcome to Making College the Reality, the OYOF guide for parents! Whether your students are in middle or high school, these guides offer you information and tools necessary to prepare, guide, support and encourage your student on his or her journey toward postsecondary education. Each guide provides modules that examine major components of college readiness, including academic achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, career opportunities, applications, essays and financial aid—all in terms that are perfect for family discussion.

You can officially carry Own Your Own Future around in your pocket. The OYOF app is now available for iPhone and Android users. Download the free app in your preferred marketplace, and you’ll have access to valuable info that’ll help you on your journey to college. You’ll find some of the best resources from the OYOF site—plus lots of app-exclusive content (including a college checklist, quizzes, check-ins, point rankings and much more).

What are you waiting for? Grab a little OYOF (Own Your Own Future) to go today!